School life at NIS

Creating an environment where students can learn, develop, and thrive.

Our Campus

Kindergarten and Primary

Our beautiful Kindergarten and Primary campuses feature wide open spaces with plenty of room for our students to be active. Indoors, you’ll find modern learning spaces with interactive whiteboards, specialist Chinese Studies rooms, and creative spaces.

Outdoor Time

Unstructured outdoor play is part of our children’s daily lives. NIS students learn to seek out exercise, explore their creativity and appreciate the beauty of nature in our leafy playground. The outdoors is also incorporated into teaching time: children learn about the growing cycle as they plant seeds and watch them sprout.

Daily life

School Year

August-June (three terms)

Our school calendar is aligned with Generations Christian Education schools and other international schools in Hong Kong.

Daily Schedule

(Monday to Friday)

AM Session – 8:45AM-11:45PM | PM Session – 12:30PM-3:30PM


School Bus

Our school buses are operated by a private bus company, and cover a wide area of the New Territories. The buses are fitted with seat belts, and bus mothers along with drivers take great care of children while on the road.

  • NIS is a caring and friendly place for the children to learn, and is a close-knit community as a small school where everyone knows each other. The learning is varied and challenging, giving the children an opportunity to gain skills that will help them as they grow up.

    NIS Teacher
  • NIS is a school that not only cares about students’ academic achievement, but about students’ growth in all aspects of their lives. The community that NIS has between students, teachers, staff, and parents is like a family. We all work together and care for one another so students have the best environment to grow and thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

    NIS Teacher
  • For 3 months my son has been enjoying his life in this “family forest”, he has been allowed and encouraged to explore freely, run and sweat as much as he could, and immersed in the vast greenery and sunshine.

    NIS Parent
  • NIS is a great school. It’s not just a school, it’s a community. Kids of all ages play happily together, celebrating their differences. Great football field! Great sense of cameraderie. Very supportive, encouraging and approachable teachers. We love it!

    NIS Parent


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