Our Approach

At NIS, learning means developing knowledge, skills, understanding and values to understand God and the world he created.

We deliver a broad, creative, developmental and international curriculum, rooted in a clear Biblical philosophy and vision of education. Focus is on the development of the whole child, so that every child will flourish not only academically but also physically, spiritually and socially. Character development and values formation are central to our approach to teaching and learning.

We are proud to be an International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Accredited School!

Through our curriculum, we assist students:

To develop the qualities and dispositions vital to success in the 21st century: adaptability, cooperation, communication, enquiry, morality, resilience, respect and thoughtfulness.

To acquire the greatest possible understanding and appreciation of themselves and the world around us according to a Biblical worldview.

To acquire a positive attitude towards learning and develop a growth mindset.

To become individuals of character, understanding how to keep healthy—physically, emotionally and spiritually.

To receive the opportunity and the encouragement to serve others.

Developmentally Appropriate and Integrated

Children grow and develop. As they do, the way in which they understand the world develops. It is important to cover a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding in developmentally progressive, age-appropriate ways to enhance learning. Likewise, deep learning occurs when children can build on their existing knowledge and make connections with new and different types of learning. Our focus on themes, Biblical worldview overlay and integrated subject learning all help to facilitate a rich learning experience.

Internationally and Community Minded

We equip our students to be aware of, and respond to, the needs of others; learning to understand, appreciate and respect people belonging to many social, cultural, religious and national groups different from their own is an important element of their learning at NIS. We are dedicated to raising a generation of global citizens, who care for the world and its people as Christ did.

Biblical Worldview

Children are born in the image of God – creative and active participants in their learning about the world. A Biblical Worldview builds the foundation of how children develop a relationship with God, with themselves as image bearers, with others and with their world. At the heart of all we teach is a recognition that every student is a beloved child of God, and has a place and a purpose in this world; we at NIS have the privilege and responsibility to help them grow. We welcome children of all faiths, and students are encouraged to understand and respect each others’ uniqueness.

Curriculum & Subjects

International Primary Curriculum

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The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. – Click to go to IPC site –


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Students have Chinese Studies classes daily, taught by experienced, specialist Chinese (Putonghua) speaking teachers. Our programme promotes a love of Chinese language and culture, and enables students to progress towards fluency.


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Literacy is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, and it is embedded in the teaching and learning at NIS. Students follow a structured comprehensive language programme based on the UK National Literacy Framework, which focuses on the areas of reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and presenting.

Christian Studies

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Our Journey 2:52 Christian Education curriculum is derived from our understanding that faith is a process, and though we are all at different places, we are all on a journey; and our shared vision for students—to grow in Christ-likeness as a whole person, is based on Luke 2:52.


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Our students follow a structured maths programme based on the Australian curriculum, which covers essential mathematical skills and knowledge. Our maths programme aims to develop students as confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics who exercise problem-solving and reasoning skills, and make connections between mathematics and other subjects.

Physical Education

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The aim of the PE programme is to help our students pursue a healthy and active lifestyle both during and beyond their school years, promoting physical, social, and emotional development. Students engage in a variety of games and activities throughout the year, including athletics, games, and fitness activities in twice-weekly PE classes.

Personal, Social and Health Education

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Personal, social and health education is taught using the Jigsaw curriculum. This is a mindful and comprehensive approach with an emphasis on emotional literacy, mental health and moral, social, cultural and spiritual development. It teaches students to be aware of their thoughts and feelings through different subject matters within the curriculum. Jigsaw aims to help them know and value who they are and how they relate to other people.

Personal Learning Goals

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Eight personal learning goals have been selected to focus on how students are developed and prepared for life in and beyond school. We want students to be collaborative, respectful, communicators, adaptable, resilient, ethical, empathetic, and thinkers. These personal learning goals are taught, modelled, developed in every subject, and integrated throughout school life.

The Arts

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Art, music and drama are seen as being a vital part of learning at NIS. Students will develop their creativity in these areas during school time as part of their IPC lessons. There are also a number of opportunities through the After School Activities programme for students to choose a variety of ways in which to focus on developing their skills further. A number of special events throughout the year, such as our Christmas Concert and NIS Talent Show, further provide the students with extended opportunities to develop their skills and showcase their artistic talents.

Internationally Mindedness

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Our belief in the importance of developing an international perspective for our students is unwavering. This perspective is not just an element, but a cornerstone of their learning experience across subject areas, with embedded global perspectives. We are committed to fostering a student body that is truly internationally minded while continually growing their global competence. This commitment is not only reflected in our diverse backgrounds, but also in heart and outlook as we strive to develop a global people of Christian faith serving others, in alignment with our mission statement.